My son and I were shopping for a used car he could use for going to college. This would be his first car. He went to a lot of places and talked to a lot of sales people. We needed to find a sensible, reliable car within our budget--no easy task. Levi at Kar Company is the best sales person I have ever met during the decades I have shopped and purchased cars. He was very honest, transparent, easy going, responsive, and flexible. We never felt any pressure to buy. He didn't try to talk us into something we didn't want. It felt more like talking to family than a used car salesperson. Even the new car dealerships could learn from him. I would strongly recommend that you look at his inventory and talk to him before buying a used car from anyone else. By the way, this is the first time in my life that I've recommended a car salesman or a dealership. That's how impressed I am with Levi.
Kenneth Brod - La Verne, CA
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